The No Diet Doctor’s Philosophy

The name of my website,, represents my unique philosophy in the understanding and treatmentStaceyNye-OfficePicRHS of eating disorders. Basically, I believe that dieting is one of the main contributors to the development of eating disorders (please see the many articles on the "Related Articles" page documenting this), and thus I take a "no diet" approach.

Years of research, clinical and personal experience have demonstrated that diets do not work, and frequently lead to disruptive eating and weight patterns, such as binge eating, emotional eating, purging and continual weight fluctuations. These patterns can be unhealthier than simply being fat. My goal is to help people stop dieting and normalize their eating patterns.  For example, I help my clients to get back in touch with their hunger and fullness, something that they have likely lost touch with as a result of chronic dieting.

I also help them to identify the underlying triggers to their eating problems and develop alternative, healthier coping mechanisms.  In addition, I help clients to incorporate good nutrition, moderate physical activity, and positive body image so that they can take better care of themselves and ultimately feel good about themselves.

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“Treatment will make you "weller than well". It will not cure all of life's ills. Instead, it helps one deal with issues so adaptively and constructively that the improved functioning is even  better than what is considered normal.” - Karl Menninger

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